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A week long historic medical and scientific activity concluded in Abuja rd yesterday, with the conclusion of 33 FIMA council meeting and FIMAIMAN International Scientific Conference. The conference was preceded by a series of very well organized events which included cataract surgery camp and Vesico-vaginal Fistula repair camp. These ventures were patronized by the first lady of Republic of Nigeria, her eminence Aisha Muhammadu Buhari. th The FIMAdelegates arrived in Abuja on 18 July and the pre council ExCo meeting was held in the evening and presided over by the FIMA President Dr. Tanveer Zubairi. rd The 33 FIMA council meeting was held in the Ahmad Bello Hall, Hotel Stone hedge, Abuja. It was a very well attended meeting and more than forty delegates from 14 countries attended. The meeting discussed the reports of FIMA ExCo, Finances vision and Dr. Ibrahim Sule was amongst the medical student and Executive director and a appointed as chairman of FIMA leaders. Dr Eka Ginanjar review of the FIMA projects save dignity project, whereas

Dr. Announcedthe news of including CIMCO (Consortium of Eka Ginanjar was appointed as the forthcoming international FIMA Islamic medical colleges), IHC co-chair for FIMASAC (Medial student's camp in Makassar, (Islamic Hospitals Consortium), students chapter). It was decided Indonesia and invited the student th FIMA Relief, FIMA Save-Vision, to hold the 34 FIMA council leaders to attend the meeting. Save smile, Save dignity, Medical meeting in Istanbul, Turkey in students chapter, FIMAYear book, 2017. The delegates also visited the FIMA website and e-newsletter Ushafa pottery village (Bwari etc. The reports of individual Islamic Medical Association of area) in the outskirts of Abuja and IMAs were presented by the Nigeria also arranged a parallel took keen interest in the efforts of respective representatives and student's leadership workshop in preservation of a very old o ffice beare rs of IMAs. the conference hall of National indigenous art of clay pottery and Discussion on issues relating to Mosque of Abuja. FIMAdelegates ceramic cottage industry. the activities conducted during last attended a session and got mixed one year wasthoroughly discussed with the students, FIMA president The Inaugural session was a great and future plans were presented by made a brief speech and success and was rendered as one of the FIMA ExCo and council congratulated the future medicos the best opening ceremonies of the members. Dr. Misbahul Aziz, past for holding such a useful academic FIMA meeting held during so president of PIMA was appointed a c tivity focusing towa rds many years. The Sultan of Sokoto as the new chair for FIMA save nurturing the leadership skills His eminence Muhammad Saad


Abubakar IV mni, the President of a large number of medical the underdeveloped Islamic Isalmic Dawah Council of Nigeria luminaries and senior faculty countries and communities with and the spiritual head and Amir ul members from the medical highest maternal and infant Mominof Muslims in Nigeria and institutions all over the country. Dr mortality rate. He also revealed West Africa graced the occasion Salisu Ismail President of IMAN that the rate of avoidable deaths with his presence as the chief in his opening speech elaborated was highest in these countries due guest. His great grandfather the objectives of IMAN and he to rampant infectious and Sheikh Osman Dan Fadio was a was delighted to receive the Sultan communicable disease especially mujadid and amir ul Mominin of of Sokoto, the spiritual father of Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIVwhole West Africa which now Muslim in Nigeria as the chief AIDS. constitute five independent guest and foreign FIMA delegates countries. The meeting was also who traveled to Nigeria to attend He congratulated the Nigerian attended by important the FIMA-IMAN meetings from Governmentand health Government dignitariesand all over the world. . FIMA authorities for bringing an end to functionaries including deputy president Dr. Tanveer Zubairi the deadly disease of polio in health minister, representative introduced the federation before Nigeria, he appreciated the role of minister of President of the Senate, the audience, he said that FIMA Sultan and religious scholars who Prof Abdulafatai Mbadeje Biola, was the largest body of Muslim pleaded the issue through the founder President of IMAN, medical organization in world advocacy and clarified taboos and Prof Dr. Abu Agyue and Dr. with 50 members in its fold. He myths attached with vaccination. Ibrahim Babminin Sule the past also appraised the house of presidents of IMAN. In addition to deplorable healthcare situation in The chief Guest; Sultan of Sokoto

who himself remained an Army healthcare problems in Nigeria eminence the Sultan of Sokoto on general emphasized the need of and also encouraged IMAN to recommendation of FIMA fostering ties between the medical develop a model Islamic Hospital council. associations of Muslim countries open to the underprivileged so as to bring improvement in patients irrespective of religion or A sumptuous Gala dinner was provision of curative and creed. He said that Holy Prophet arranged by IMAN in the honour preventive healthcare facilities in practiced tolerance and love for all of FIMA delegates with delicious marginalized communities. He the humanity and he was Nigerian food followed by a said that he convened the meeting Rehmatul Aalamin, a mercy and colorful cultur a l progr am of 36 head Muslim scholars and blessing for the entire humanity. exhibiting a tribal touch. non-Muslim faith leaders to help He urged the participants to extend fight against the menace of polio him advice regarding opening of a Parallel sessions of Islamic and devised a common strategy to female medical school in Nigeria. Hos pit a l Co n s ortium and assist the ongoing effort of polio The meeting was also addressed Consortium of Islamic Medical eradication in rural areas of by the representative of President Colleges were conducted by Prof Nigeria, although there was of Senate and deputy to the Mayor Abdul Rashid General secretary of considerable opposition from the of Abuja who welcomed the FIMA FIMA and Dr. Ishak Masud, ignorant and misguided people delegates. Chairman of IHC. The meeting and life threats to the vaccination was presided over by Prof Jurnalis workers by miscreants. He Prof Dr Jurnalis Uddin from Uddin and Dr. Iwang Yusuf offered his full cooperation to Indonesia was awarded the FIMA Chairman of CIMCO. Two days IMAN in thrashing out the lifetime achievement award by his long scientific session attracted a Dr Jurnalis Uddin with local fans in IMAN Inaugural ceremony of the FIMA-IMAN Scientific meeting in Hotel Nicon Luxury Abuja. The FIMA delegates with their local host Dr. Audi, the general secretary of IMAN. A view of opening ceremony of Fistula camp. Day 3 of the FIMA council meeting, 20th July 2016 Speakers at the FIMA Council Meeting and FIMA-IMAN Scientific Conference l a rge numbe r of medi c a l from the interactive scientific members who shared their professionals from all over the sessions and got an opportunity to wisdom and expertise.